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Welcome to Mindcraft!


Dr. Kimberly Quinn currently teaches at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. She teaches Cognitive Psychology, Positive Psychology, as well  as Mindcraft.  Kimberly designed Mindcraft  to assist her students with exploring the science of optimal well-being and life satisfaction. 

Her Mindcraft weekly podcast series offers practical strategies for reducing anxiety, developing a positive stress mindset, embracing the many advantages of happiness, and how to become the "boss of your brain."


Recently, Kimberly has done webinars on "Trauma & Resilience" and has been a panelist on the AAUW's "Race & Gender Series" in 2020.  She enjoys traveling around the country to speak on various topics related to achieving optimal well-being and life satisfaction. Kimberly also authors monthly articles for Psychology Today.

Kimberly and her husband Tommy are recent empty-nesters, and now live with their 3 goats and Golden Retriever, Giovanni. They enjoy watching "I Love Lucy" re-runs together and Kimberly loves to ski and  to dive into really good chicken wings.

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