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VIDEO: Post-Traumatic Wisdom


There has been much talk lately about how trauma can cause lasting changes in the brain, which can lead to a gamut of things to manage and undo for a person who has experienced a traumatic experience. Thankfully, there has been a recent shift from looking at a trauma survivor as damaged and in need of fixing, to a more of a strengths-based approach focusing on resilience rather than weakness. Now it is time to take this one step further, by taking a look at the deep wisdom that can surface from trauma, enriching our lives and making us better people.

PODCAST: Hiding No More
March 17th. 2022


Once we figure out what toxic shame is and how it hides, it is time to take a big, deep breath and come out in the open with it. We need to embrace our shame in order to release it. We often must grieve our lost childhoods to arrive at a place of genuine acceptance. Only then can we move toward letting go and moving on to a new shame-free existence . . .


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