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Life Satisfaction

"Probably the biggest insight is that happiness is not just a place, but also a process. Happiness is an ongoing process of fresh challenges, and it takes the right attitudes and activities to continue to be happy."

Ed Diener, Satisfaction with Life Scale


Mindcraft Weekly Podcast:

Becoming Free Part III: Stop Making Assumptions

We make assumptions every day, especially in our relationships, leading to lots of unnecessary anger, hurt feelings, resentment, break-ups, and overall drama. Find out why we have a tendency to jump to conclusions, what is going on behind the curtain in the brain, and how to break free from this very, very not-so-good habit.

Romance During a Pandemic

Too much time on our hands can be fun for some, but for those over-thinkers not so much . . . Especially for young adults who had just begun "talking" with someone prior to the pandemic, there is just too much uncertainty to obsess over. Also, today's Millennial and Gen Z-ers frequently feel the pressure to stay on track with how life "should" unfold which often includes becoming a couple, adding even more to an already overwhelming feeling of a lack of control during quarantine . . .

Stay tuned for some young adult wisdom to help you get through . . .

Have a mindful day !!!

Kimberly Quinn, Ph.D.

Wizard of Well-being

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