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Magical Health

The greatest wealth is health.

Virgil (70 BC—19 BC)

Health is the most precious thing in life, and yet more than anything else, we can take our health for granted. For many of us, the only time we think of our health is when we lose it. Then the realization hits us: without our health, we have nothing.

There’s an Italian proverb that speaks the truth about health for many of us: “He who enjoys good health is rich, though he knows it not.” While we rarely think of our health when we are well, you will have felt the truth of those words even when you had something minor like a cold or the flu, and you were bedridden. When you are not well, all you want is to feel better, and nothing else matters other than having your health back again.

Being grateful for your health ensures that you will continue to receive more health to be grateful for, and at the same time it eliminates stress and tension in your body and mind. Scientific research studies have shown that stress and tension are at the root of many diseases. Studies have also revealed that people who practice gratitude heal faster, and are likely to live seven years longer!

Giving thanks in return for the health you are receiving is vital. When you are grateful for your health, you will not only maintain your current health, at the same time you will set the magic in motion to increase the flow of health to you. You will also begin to see little improvements to your health right away. Little aches and pains, moles, scars, or marks will magically disappear, and you will notice your energy, vitality, and happiness increase markedly.

~Rhonda Bryne, The Magic

The Power of Gratitude [to the body] (2 mins 47 secs)

Mindfulness Mantra & Practice

Guided Body Scan Mindfulness Meditation (10 mins)

Today I am grateful for my abundant health.

Simple Pleasure

Head out to an apple orchard for an old-fashioned afternoon of apple-picking. Step out of your comfy zone and try something different than the usual Red Delicious or Macintosh, perhaps a Pink Lady or Gala . . . Then, make an apple crisp or apple pie for dessert.

The Scarcity Mindset

Scarcity captures the mind, affecting how we think, feel, and behave. Getting stuck in a pattern of scarcity attracts more scarcity. This does not only occur with money, but with time as well. For many of us working and learning virtually, the amount of screen-time we have engaged in has been overwhelming. We have often found ourselves double-booked, over-booked, and mistakenly missing meetings. This has sometimes led to feelings of embarrassment, guilt, and inadequacy, not to mention brain-fog. Quite frankly, we are "Zoomed-out." Shifting out of this chaotic head-space where we are constantly playing "catch-up," apologizing, and borrowing from next week's time-bank to make even more commitments, is the first step back to sanity during these rapidly changing and uncertain times.

Kimberly Quinn, Wizard

Well-being & Success

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