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How to Manage Re-Entry

Embracing fear and moving forward

After the world closed down in mid-March, many of us who were not considered essential workers were forced into un-pioneered territory, making an abrupt shift to working virtually from our dining room tables, or not at all, teaching our kids online, while also getting creative with meal-planning, ordering arts and crafts online, and trying very hard not to attack our loving partner for that habit of putting the OJ back in the fridge with only a millimeter left in the bottom. 

'Good Enough' During a Crisis

Leaning into what we are doing right.

When the world closed due to COVID-19, many of us were forced to pivot quickly, with schools and colleges shutting their doors on a dime's notice, unforeseen job furloughs, working remotely, and instant overwhelming change on the homefront with no space or time to call our own. Students have struggled with the challenges of online learning, a loss of independence, routine, and connection with friends.

Screen-Time Blues: Are You Zoomed Out?

How too much Zooming is affecting our well-being.

Professionally speaking, many of us have been skin-starved for hugs and handshakes, wondering if these warm and comfortable social norms will ever return or if they have disappeared forever. Many of our introverted colleagues have declared that they have been waiting for this their entire lives ... working from home, with fewer social obligations, and milder and more manageable levels of stimulation.

College 2020: Living the COVID-a-Loca!

Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.

This time last year, college campuses across the country were swarming with first-year students donning new clothes and backpacks, ready to take on this new and exciting stage of life. It all began with orientation, awkward ice-breakers, and barbeques. RAs had decorated their doors and bulletin boards with colorful and welcoming displays, announcing all the fun and activities to come... Welcome to college!

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