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Post-Traumatic Wisdom


ADHD and Sensory Weirdness


We tend to be a very goal-oriented and fast-paced society, which also has conditioned us to be ultra-focused on outcome rather than the process itself. What many of us are unaware of, is that the more energy we put into caring about an outcome the more resistance we create between us and said outcome. It may be counter-intuitive but this is how it works. Letting go of the outcome and focusing instead on the passion and pure joy of doing whatever it is you are doing is the key to becoming open to a life of abundance.

Those of us in the "Fast Mind Club" are known for not wanting to waste our valuable life-minutes waiting in line or playing board games. We interrupt people constantly and have enough energy to light up a small village. However, there has been very little discussion about how we are tormented by certain sounds, so much so that it can get in the way of our relationships, school, and work lives.

Commit to a Fresh Start Each Day


It is so easy when we are thrown one of life's curveballs to bring this along into the next, brand new day. We wake up and our minds search for that something that the feeling in our stomach reminds us of right out of the gate. We lay there for a moment reliving the scenes as if we are catching up on a binge-watch. For the larger curveballs this can certainly be tougher, though we can still make a conscious choice to commit to this day being a fresh-start. We can choose to carve out time for simple pleasures and moments of peace, even when surrounded by chaos. For lesser curveballs, we can choose to dismiss these altogether and make a choice to not allow our days to blend and become one. This day is a new, fresh start, a clean slate to do with whatever we'd like. Embrace the gift.

Connected Disconnection


Ironically, social media was created (or at least promoted) as a way to further enhance connection. In reality, this has done the exact opposite. Then, enter the pandemic, when we became even more reliant on "Make Believe Land" in a desperate attempt to satisfy the very human craving for connection. Though this gave us something to hang on to during a very trying time, it has not given us the authentic satisfaction that only human interaction can do, for which there is no substitute. Similar to looking for satisfaction from a bag of potato chips, we eat one after the other while our bodies frantically search for nutritive sustenance, only to come up empty. Social media is the potato chip bag of human connection, leaving us unsatiated and wanting for more.

Go With The Flow


Many, many of our valuable life-minutes are wasted worrying. In fact, worrying is practicing or rehearsing being anxious, and anything we practice we eventually get good at. We can also get wrapped up in the illusion of control, as well as what people think about and say to us. Learn how to embrace your inner sea turtle and go with the flow.

Deficiency Motivation


In a general sense, there are two types of motivation, extrinsic and intrinsic. To be motivated extrinsically means to be motivated by things outside of ourselves such as by paychecks, promotions, and titles. To be motivated intrinsically usually means to be driven by authentic passion. However, we can also be motivated by the constant reflection on past mistakes and failures, leading us to a place of constantly seeking to "fix" ourselves.

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